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Star Wars fic - Just a Farmboy

Title: Just a Farmboy
Author: Lhinneill
Summary: Tonight he just wanted to dream about starships and heroes and planets where everything was green.
Rating: G
Length: About 650 words.
Category: General/Friendship
Pairing/Characters: Luke and Obi-Wan, friendship/mentor-ish.
Fandom: Star Wars
A/N: It's a fic! I haven't written one of these in...uh...too long. And! It's Luke! *g*

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Star Wars, LotR, Farscape Icons

I just realized it's been nearly a month since I posted icons here. o.o So, I dug out some Farscape bases I hadn't finished yet, gathered up my waiting Star Wars, and made a shiny new batch of LotR. Here they all are. :)

[1-12] Star Wars
[13-29] Farscape
[30-64] Lord of the Rings


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First Ones/Team/SamJack

Well, I watched The First Ones again. I'd forgotten just how good that episode really is. For some reason, I ended up with a lot of Daniel. :P Most of these I made with so_out_of_ideas in mind. :) The rest of the batch are mostly icons made for challenges at sj_everyday.

- edited 'cuz I forgot some -

[1-126] Stargate SG-1
[127-139] Obidala
[140-142] Quotes (Joe Flanigan)


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SW - Leia

Assorted Headers

I've been wanting to do some headers for quite a while now, and finally got around to it. It's a mixed bag of a ton of my fandoms, and most of them are pretty simple too. Feel free to add text if you want, or just ask me and I'll see what I can do.

[5] X-Men
[7] Star Wars
[1] Mulan
[1] Pirates of the Caribbean
[3] Stargate SG-1 (Sam/Jack, Daniel/Vala)
[1] Lost (Jack/Kate)
[1] Narnia
[4] Xena/Ares


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XWP - Family

Icon dump!

It's been a while since I made a ton of icons like this. ^_^ I was PLANNING to do like 10 icons each for a whole bunch of fandoms...but I got carried away. Heh. There's 104 icons in all here, so it's not the most dial-up friendly post I've ever made. ;)

[8] Heroes
[23] Xena
[21] Hercules
[18] Star Wars
[34] Stargate SG-1


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SW - Yoda

Star Wars/RPG fic, Shadows of War: 2/?

Title: Shadows of War, Part II
Author: Lhinneill
Summary: “And you are right as well, my young friend. Something must be done. But what...? And how?” The wookiee shook her head. “Too much is uncertain in these days. We can only trust that the Force will lead us down the right path.”
Rating: G
Length: About 1700 words.
Category: General
Fandom: Star Wars (Original Characters)


Read part II HERE @ dreamerland.
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Random Iconses

Okay. Really random icons here. I wasn't going to post them, but I'm kinda bored, so...yeah. I just got back into Buffy, so there's some of BtVS (yay!). Some Obidala/One Path icons, inspired by so_out_of_ideas's awesome AU Star Wars series. The last three are for a story of mine. Not that you know what it's about, but hey...thought I'd post 'em anyway. Joe Flanigan as Kaeth Torgaan and Sarah Michelle Gellar as Caelyn Synla. You can read the first part of the rough draft of the story HERE.

[1-7] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[8-13] Star Wars Obidala
[14-16] Kaeth/Caelyn (original fic)


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