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HP - Trio.end

Icons! Wallpapers!

More icons. Yay! There's a couple wallpapers here too. It's been a long time since I've done any, so I thought I might as well try my hand at 'em. Probably won't post to comms until tomorrow.

[1-11] Stargate SG-1
[12-45] Farscape
[46-58] Pirates of the Caribbean
[59-65] Beauty and the Beast


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SW - Leia

Assorted Headers

I've been wanting to do some headers for quite a while now, and finally got around to it. It's a mixed bag of a ton of my fandoms, and most of them are pretty simple too. Feel free to add text if you want, or just ask me and I'll see what I can do.

[5] X-Men
[7] Star Wars
[1] Mulan
[1] Pirates of the Caribbean
[3] Stargate SG-1 (Sam/Jack, Daniel/Vala)
[1] Lost (Jack/Kate)
[1] Narnia
[4] Xena/Ares


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HP - Trio.end

Random Icon Update

Well, I've been too busy to make icons lately, so I'm just going to post the ones I've had sitting around, even though there aren't very many and most didn't turn out like I wanted.

[-]3 Icon Challenge entries
[-]2 Stargate Atlantis
[-]6 Stargate SG-1
[-]3 Lord of the Rings
[-]4 Star Wars
[-]2 Princess Diaries
[-]9 Lost

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