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Team Kahlan Gifts

For the gift-spam exchange over at legendland. I got angel_in_tears, so here you go! =D

First, sig tags! I know you need more of these. :)

And now, icons! =D


I wanted to write something Obidala for you, since you're in the middle of One Path right now. I wasn't sure what to do for them, since I haven't had a chance to write the pairing yet, so I hope you enjoy this!


The skyline of Coruscant glowed in the last rays of sunlight, lighting up the endless lines of traffic in shades of red and gold. Padme stood on the balcony of her apartment, arms folded across her chest to hold in the warmth in the cooling night air. A light breeze tugged at the soft fabric of her nightgown. It wasn't cold enough to drive her inside, but even if it had been, she would have stayed outside anyway.

Her eyes searched the sky, straining to pick out the first sign of a wedge-shaped fighter amidst the crowded traffic lanes. It had been over a month since the last time her husband had time enough to escape the war for a day so they could be together. This time, she wasn't even sure where he had been deployed. Kenobi and Skywalker were two of the most famous Jedi in the war, which meant they were sent on the especially dangerous missions and ended up the target of Separatist attacks more than any other Jedi. It also meant they were often outside secure communication lines, leaving her to worry for both of them with no news of how they were doing.

She hadn't even heard of their return until that morning, when Obi-Wan had sent her a short message, audio only--"We're on our way, Padme. I'll be home tonight. I love you."

Now she could only watch and wait. He would have to brief the Council before he could come home, and that would take time. Everything in the galaxy seemed to conspire to steal away their time together, from the Council to the Senate, and of course the war. The war that never should have happened, but somehow couldn't be avoided.

Padme hated it, hated that there was nothing she could do to put a stop to all the madness. They all fought in their own way to save the Republic--Obi-Wan on the front lines of battle, Padme in the chaos of the Senate. But for every battle they won, they had to bear the weight of casualties, both in lives lost and in the decay of integrity within the Republic. The galaxy was falling to pieces around them.

The familiar whine of the Delta-7 Aethersprite's engines pierced through her darkening train of thought. Her head whipped up and her eyes scanned the skyline--there! The wedge-shaped craft angled out of the traffic streams towards 500 Republica, heading straight for their apartment. Her chest tightened and she forgot to breathe for a moment.

He's home!

She stepped further out onto the balcony, catching a glimpse of his face in the cockpit as the ship slowly descended. Obi-Wan barely waited for the engines to start their shutdown before he popped the cockpit open and leapt out. Padme rushed into his arms, all thoughts of the war and corruption in the galaxy vanishing from her mind when he kissed her.

He held her close, his face buried in her neck. She held on to him, her tears damp on his tunic. "I missed you. So much."

"I know," he soothed. "I know."

She kissed his cheek and pulled away so she could see his face. His eyes met hers and he reached to brush her tears away with his calloused fingers. She could have asked how long would be able to stay this time, but she didn't. She didn't want to know. All that mattered was that he was home now, with her. Tonight they could forget about General Kenobi and Senator Amidala and just be together, be Obi-Wan and Padme Kenobi, as they should be. Tonight they could forget about the war. Tonight was theirs.
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